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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Art work by Vero Ricci    All Rights Reserved

Hello and Welcome to my new Blog!!
My Name is Vero Ricci and I am the Inventor/Designer of what is now know as collectible Vintage Candy Containers.  My products include: Trash Can Candy (Topps) Snappy Gator (Topps), Fireplug (Fleers) Mr. Bones (Fleers) among others.  All were great sellers in the 1970s.

I have decades of products and stories behind the products in my head.  It's time to let them out to the world.

I will be writing about the  candy containers first.  There seems to be a great interest in these on the web.  The toys I made for Charles Schulz will have to wait a bit.

 I will also be sharing my views on art, plastic injection molding, and the business of product development in general

Vero Ricci
  Photo above of some of the products of the era.  Trash Can, Snappy Gator, Fireplug, Bed Bugs are my designs.

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  1. saw this from annettes fb, i am trish, Mike Blackwells daughter, Patty munros niece. i so remember these. Cannot believe they are now vintage.

  2. This is fantastic! I collected these candy containers throughout all of my childhood. I especially loved the Mr. Bones coffin and the Fleer trash can.

    Can't wait to hear stories from the heyday of candy containers!

  3. I remember many of these candy them

  4. Snappy Gator! Me and my neighborhood friends collected them vigorously as kids. Great stuff