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Friday, September 6, 2013

Mail Box Candy

Mail Box (Fleer Chewing Gum) 1979

With the success of the Fire Plug, there was a demand for new products.  Fortunately, I had a number of designs in mind waiting to be illustrated and submitted.  One of which was a Mailbox replica.  Similar to the neighborhood fire hydrants, the riveted sheet metal mail boxes were also scattered throughout the neighborhood.  A replica would result in a good container product because children were accustomed to seeing them every day and it would seem like having one of their own in their pocket.  Pencil and paper in hand, my son Steve and I went down the street to the nearest mailbox and began sketching and taking measurements.This included every rivet head.

   With this information I illustrated the idea with the drawing above, and submitted it to Fleer Gum.  One needs to remember that this was in the day before digital cameras, email or CAD.
  The concept was approved and I created the engineering drawing.   These drawings were complex engineering drawings done with out computers.  Paper, pencil, drafting board.  A mistake was time consuming and costly if not caught. These drawings sometimes took months to complete.

Jason Liebig has some great photos of  Mailbox display as well as other great candies of the past.

Jason is a candy historian and we are proud that he has us in his collection.
Fleer - Mailbox 

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