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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Fire Plug (Fleer Chewing Gum) 

Reis O'Brien

The first product that Fleer Chewing Gum approved was the Fireplug.  The success was about the same as I had experienced at Topps.  Millions of Fireplugs were sold during the first year which resulted in a boom in sales of the entire product line.

  I was told that the Boy Scout Association had shown interest in the Fireplug because it made for a great water tight match container.  The fireplug was the first  "DOG APPROVED" candy.  It was a natural to have candy dogs in the fireplug.  The sketches of the puppies were done by a young teenage artist, Mike Simonetti.  Mike, a friend of my son, was an extremely gifted artist for his age..or any age.

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